Thursday, 13 December 2012

Learning Outcomes: Practical & Professional Skills

"Analyse and interpret visual situations in order to represent them effectively"

I feel that this module challenged me to look at my own work in a way which immediately allowed my weaknesses to be seen. I feel that the exercises I have already tackled in previous work before this course, such as life drawing, stand out as the most effective of my pieces while others, like the skeletons, stand out horribly as incredibly lacklustre. My ability to analyse and interpret what is in front of me is the reason for this I think.

My abilities at transcribing and recording visual reference in front of me I feel have improved somewhat since I have joined this course. This stems from being able to join a number of life drawing classes that have challenged how I have always assessed and approached drawing, leading to me feeling much more confident in the entire process. In addition to this, I feel the Victorian Doctor's Bag project allowed me to study and reference a number of static objects that I normally would not look into. I feel this was successful as the project allowed me to mix my own digital workflow of photo-texturing and digital painting with much more of a personal visual interpretation of objects, creating a piece that I feel blends both traditional drawing practice and digital media.

I feel my use of tools and techniques in this module has been a deciding factor in the overall success of my pieces. What I have realised is the great difference between digital and traditional media and how I have neglected the latter in most of my work leading up to my joining of this course. In the simplest terms, drawing and transcribing visual reference in Photoshop with a tablet is incredibly different and difficult in comparison to the more tactile use of pencil and paper. My abilities with drawing on paper are most certainly better than when using digital media to do a similar job, and when studying and sketching in Photoshop I tend to become angry and disengaged, the feeling of drawing is just not the same. This sounds incredibly obvious, but for me it took this module to make me realise just that. What I have learnt from this is to spend much more time studying and sketching traditional. Hopefully from this my visual library will build exponentially faster.

"Demonstrate use of appropriate tools and techniques to achieve a professional result"

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Learning Outcomes: Key Transferable Skills

"Apply practice-based research to the development of original ideas"

I feel this is demonstrated best through the study and observation I undertook in creating the Victorian Doctor's Bag project and the Imaginary Skeleton project. With both of these I had to use practice-based research in the form of recording, observing and studying certain research materials, e.g. animal skeletons and medical equipment, to best compile a set of brand new ideas that merged my research. 

"Apply professional techniques to a range of commercial problems"