Friday, 18 January 2013

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge & Understanding

"Appraise and demonstrate a breadth of knowledge relating to contemporary drawing practice"

I feel the work I have completed so far has helped to develop my drawing skills in a number of ways. At the beginning of the Drawing for Concept Artist's module we were tasked to re-imagine a DC Comics character, called OMAC, into a much more modern day superhero design that could be seen in recent superhero movies such as The Avengers. I felt that the creative process of this project pushed me immediately into thinking about important aspects of costume and narrative design for my superhero character. I enjoyed the iterative process that came from listening to feedback which was helpful in how it helped to shape my idea from something quite juvenile into something much more conceptual and interesting.

In addition to this I feel that my drawing has already improved from the many life drawing sessions I have taken part in within this module. After a lengthy time without direct drawing classes I felt incredibly rusty at the beginning of the term. This was helped in turn by getting back into studying the human form intensively in class, looking closely at the anatomy of our life models and experimenting with different drawing media to create observational pieces. I feel my skills in this area have definitely progressed when comparing my recent drawings to the pieces I created at the start of the year.


The Victorian Doctor's Bag project asked me to look at and study a number of inanimate objects and present them in a finished piece. I found the latter very enjoyable as it challenged me to look into the finer details of certain objects, studying them individually to find interesting compositional and form elements that would help create a final piece built from meticulous drawing studies. This project helped to build on skills that I already used in my artwork, e.g. the use of photo-texturing, and work to combine them with the observational side of drawing.

In addition to this we were tasked to create a number of imaginary skeletons that would still look feasible within a conceptual setting. I tackled this by studying animal skeletons and diagrams which were then incorporated into my work. This was a challenge at first as I primarily started with a number of line drawings, something which proved to be confusing and difficult to accomplish with such a intricate subject matter. To fix this I looked at the task in another way, blocking out areas of bone in Photoshop to attain a firm frame and silhouette and then adding line on top. This proved to be a much more enjoyable way of working and it seemed much more successful. 

"Identify resources and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of techniques required for a range of drawing tasks"

Through this module I have used and experimented with a number of different media types, including digital, traditional, pencil, pen and charcoal.


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